About Us

Since opening its doors in 2008, Columbia Wine Company has set out to become a leader in the community and takes pride in its efficient service, dedication to the local population, and most importantly, customer service. Our goal is to raise the expectations and create certainty for wine consumers in the community, while creating value with our selections and raising the expectations of wine connoisseurs. In addition to carrying a large selection of wine and liquors, Columbia Wine Company specializes in hard to find items from many countries around the world. Our dedication to excellent customer service includes finding and retaining products our customers love and want, while getting to know their needs in an effort to better serve them.

Columbia Wine Company also offers exclusive wines, that can’t be found anywhere else. Our customers are guaranteed a variety of well known, hard to find, and unique wines and liquors to fit any taste bud. When you’re looking for the perfect wine for your dinner party or celebration, our staff has the knowledge to recommend just the right selection to enhance your menu. We invite you to stop in, get to know us, and give us an opportunity to understand and fulfill your needs.
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