[Top 5] Fun Drinking Days You Can Have This Cinco De Mayo

Spirits / Wednesday, May 1st, 2019

Here comes Cinco de Mayo. One of most festive day to celebrate, ever. Plenty of parties and festivals awaits you especially in big cities like NYC. This is also the day to taste those scrumptious authentic Mexican tamales and appreciate the soothing and upbeat traditional Mexican tunes that will leave you feeling right at home in Mexico.

While it is only a minor holiday in Mexico, it has become a widely celebrated excuse to have a good time, particularly among people here in the US. This means fun drinking games also count. If you’re looking for the best drinking games to bond with your friends and family, then you’re in luck.

Here are five of the best games that you can have aside from just hitting the Piñata every year:

Uno de Mayo

The first game on the list. To play this game you’ve got to know how to play Uno. It’s an immensely complicated game, so if you’ve never played, no amount of training will have you adequately prepared before May 5th. Not really, it’s incredibly simple. Click the link above to know the rules of this Uno-themed drinking game.


The Fingers drinking game is a fun one where only the loser ends up drinking, and they must finish the entire alcohol mixture that ends up in the bowl before the game starts. This mean that if you’re willing to play, you must be willing to drink what goes into the mix!

True American (Cinco de Mayo Edition)

If you’re looking to have an adventurous Cinco de Mayo, this game will provide plenty of fun. True American debuted on the TV show “New Girl” and is a bit complicated to play but can be a lot of fun.  You can view the original rules here if you prefer.

Flip Cup

You don’t have to host a big tournament to enjoy this one. Flip cup is a team-based drinking game where players must, in turn, drain a plastic cup of beer and then “flip” the cup so that it lands face-down on the table. If the cup falls off the table, any player can return said cup to the playing field.

The Mexican Ring Toss and Cooler

This Inflatable Cactus Cooler Ring Toss Game is a dual-purpose party item that is versatile, functional and decorative as well. Use the bottom to hold drinks as a cooler, and use the top to play a Ring Toss Game. Lots of fun, even for adults and a great way to break the ice when guests arrive!

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