Something About Amontillado

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We think it’s safe to say that when you hear the names “Edgar”, “Allan”, and/or “Poe”, one person will come into mind. Yes, the very famous Edgar Allan Poe. The writer. The poet. One of the most influential and very important writers of the 19th century. He has a lot of famous works. However, since […]

August 30, 2018

God of Wine

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History has brought us great gods of old, most especially Roman gods. Even our favorite alcoholic beverage, has a god named after it. Presenting Bacchus, the roman god of wine! The guy (or god) worshipped by blood-thirsty women, has an incredible “party is life” biography, and someone who has “showbiz” biological parents. Here are 5 […]

August 16, 2018

A Glass of Bubbly

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Prosecco or Champagne? Champagne or Prosecco? Whether you are an avid drinker (but moderately) of wine or just someone who wants to drink a glass of bubbly at home, it pays to know the difference of these two with each other. Drinking a glass of sparkling wine is such a very broad thing to say. […]

July 26, 2018


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We know that in the past you may have heard of the different types of fears. It ranges from the most common fears like acrophobia (the fear of heights) and arachnophobia (the fear of spiders) to the most outrageous ones like ergophobia (the fear of work or the work environment, WHAT?) and philophobia (the fear […]

July 19, 2018

Monastic Wine

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Whenever you think of wine, you think of vineyards and farmers plucking the rich, sumptuous grapes that is converted into the flavorful, alcoholic beverage (with a low alcoholic content) that you know today. We always think of family-owned companies that make the quality wine that we have on the market right now. However, not a […]

July 12, 2018

National Zinfandel Day

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Happy National Zinfandel Day! For today only, we’re offering 15% off all bottles of Zinfandel in the store. Stop by the store, give us a call or shop online. What is Zinfandel? Zinfandel (or affectionately known as Zin for short), is a robust red wine that primarily grows in the vineyards of California. The grape […]

November 19, 2015