Drink Up, Witches!

Blog, Halloween / Wednesday, October 31st, 2018

Boo! Did you get scared? We know you did… not. Well, we’ll try harder next time.
Anyway, we all know that Halloween has been all about this, about scary, spooky, creepy stuff. However, that is not really the case.

Halloween is the time of the year to eat candy and have wonderful costume dinners and parties with the family or with your friends. It is also the time of the year when the adults get to have an excuse for drinking. And what is the best alcoholic beverage to drink during the creepy season?

You got it. The answer is WINE.

Sometimes, just drinking wine on Halloween is not enough. You have got to take it a notch. You ask yourself, “How? How do I level up drinking the best alcoholic beverage on the planet?” Well if you don’t know how, you can thank us later, because we know just the best thing to do with wine. Label them of course!

Here are some (well, they are many) of the popular wine producers that give their wines spectacularly spooky labels:

1. “Dead Nuts” from Chronic Cellars

Just the name is already spooky enough! This creation from brothers Josh and Jake Beckett is made with quality fruit and easy-going style. A Zinfandel blend, expect this alcoholic beverage to have a mix of blackberry, cherry, and raspberry-driven fruity flavors that is always fit with the day of the dead celebration. It’s got a cool label also!

2. Hocus Pocus by Black Sheep Finds

You can drink this while cleaning up the aftermath of the Halloween costume party that you hosted at home. If cleaning your house was just as easy as saying “Hocus Pocus!”. Enjoy this Pinot Noir with a side of a broom or a vacuum cleaner.

3. The Velvet Devil by Charles Smith

A Merlot which has a devilishly delicious taste (I know, we are so punny), this drink is something that you can enjoy drinking at any time of the year. However, given the wine label, it is ideal to drink during the Halloween. It’s so devilishly good!

4. Spellbound

Drinking this will definitely leave you spellbound if your drink a lot of it (Drink moderately!). It’s got a full moon as it’s label and with a dark fruit character, this Petite Sirah will mystify you with its medium-body, juicy-focused fruit, and a witchy swirl of vanilla meets mocha rounding out the mix. Not only that, this delicious, witch’s drink is valued at only under $15! Who knew that enjoying an enchanting drink would be this much available.

We had a lot more that we thought of, but it might fill the whole website if we put it here. You can think and make your own Halloween wine labels, who knows, yours might be a lot wittier than the labels here! So, there you go, our recommended and commended Halloween wine labels.

Speaking of wine ideas, you can download the Columbia Wine Co app for easy and convenient ways of buying your favorite drink. It’s wine, obviously.

Please drink with caution and with enjoyment. Happy Halloween!

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