Five Enticing Wines and Spirits for Black Friday

Blog / Thursday, November 12th, 2020

This year, Black Friday will be quite different than it used to. The pandemic has made it difficult to host or go to parties but that does not mean you have to celebrate the occasion alone thanks to the marvels of technology where it is now possible to be in touch with friends and family, just a click away. You can still share a moment by having your favorite wine or spirit at your side. We have gathered five of the best wines and spirits we think will spice up your Black Friday celebration this 2020.

1. New Amsterdam Vodka (Watermelon)

The taste is very smooth and flavorful! It goes well with other juices and mixes great too leaving a fruity aftertaste. This is 5 times distilled and 3 times filtered to deliver a clean crisp taste. New Amsterdam flavors are crafted using our award winning original 80-proof vodka. This Watermelon flavored vodka has juicy melon notes.

2. Mionetto Prosecco DOC Treviso Brut

This one has a light straw color with bright yellow highlights plus aromas of golden apples, honey and white peach. Well-balanced acidity provides a fresh and lively mouthfeel with a clean dry finish. Enjoy on its own as an aperitif, throughout the meal or in cocktails.

3. E&J VSOP Brandy

This brandy is well-blended for peak richness, full flavor and a satisfying smooth finish. Distinct vanilla, apple and berry notes, rounded out with hints of toasted oak from barrel aging, bring classic authenticity to this premium VSOP brandy, which is smooth enough to drink straight or in a variety of mixed drinks.

4. Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc

Pale straw green in color with brilliant clarity, Oyster Bay Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is zesty and aromatic with lots of lively fruit characters. A concentration of assertive passionfruit and tropical fruit flavors with an abundant bouquet, it is a wine that is always crisp, elegant and refreshing.

5. Novecento Malbec

A young, fruity malbec of attractive red color, vivacious and with ruby glints. Red and black fruit, such as plum and blackberry, and species in the complex background make this varietal alive. Velvety and with tons of fruit on the palate.

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