Oh Sherry, My Sweet But Mostly Dry Sherry

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Sherry wine. One of the recently popular Spanish wines ever to hit the grocery shelves, wine cellars, and the taste buds of all the wine loving demographic of the whole world.

Sherry is so good that it can kill (remember the Cask of Amontillado?). In this article, we will know the different types of this delicious fortified Spanish wine. Let’s get down to business.

  1. Fino – The driest type of all sherries. Fino wine is made from very acidic grapes and fermented in a tank and afterwards aged in the Solera with a Flor covering. Best served chilled and paired with meals that are salty.
  2. Manzanilla – This type of wine is produced using the same methods to Fino. The difference is the location in which it is made. Manzanilla is made in coastal regions while Fino is made in inland areas, which makes it a lighter sherry. Also best served chilled and paired with seafood meals.
  3. Amontillado – When the Flor covering of a Fino wine breaks up before the wine is finished or when the wine is fortified stronger, this type of wine is made. They have richer flavors with some hints of nuttiness which is very good.
  4. Dry “Generoso” Wines – Quality wines that are made during partial or total ageing under the Flor. The alcohol content of this type of wine is no lower than 15º.
  5. Oloroso – It never develops Flor. The flavor of this Sherry comes from the interaction of the wine and the air. Oloroso is spicy and aromatic, and best enjoyed with bitter chocolate, braised beef, and blue cheese.
  6. Palo Cortado – This type of Sherry is difficult to make on purpose. It only occurs in certain circumstances when it loses the Flor covering and it begins to take on oxygen. They start out as Finos, loses the Flor like Amontillado, and take on flavors like an Oloroso. It has a complex but elegant flavor.
  7. Sweet Natural Wines
    • Pedro Ximenez – One of the great sweet wines in the world. It’s a dark and mahogany-colored wine with a deep bouquet of molasses and raisins. It is perfect with chocolate and consumed with ice in the warm weather.
    • Moscatel – Also a dark mahogany-colored wine, it is exclusively produced from sun-dried grapes called Muscat. It is also a very sweet and smooth wine.

Whenever you want to drink good wine different from your traditional Italian brands, just know that Sherry is waiting for you. Enjoy.

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