Preparing Yourself for Black Friday

Blog / Sunday, November 24th, 2019

Shopping on Black Friday is one super-busy due to so many amazing deals and amazing shoppers looking around. Stores can open very early and most only offer their best deals on a first-come, first-serve basis. According to the National Retail Federation, more than 165 million people are expected to go shopping between Thanksgiving Day and Cyber Monday this year.

Black Friday offers some of the lowest prices of the year on many products normally found in stores including TVs, other electronics and toys. Intelligent shoppers save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on this single day. Finding and keeping track of all of these deals is not easy and at the same time especially at your budget, it may not be possible to get everything you need.

Black Friday Shopping can break the bank for the unprepared. There are so many great deals, plenty of tempting offers. If you are reading this at this point, then I recommend you follow ahead. It may give you some pointers or reminders on how to be a savant shopper.

Technology Helps the Cause

Pull out your smartphone or your handy laptop to find deals you want. This helps to save time and avoid missing the online and in-store deals. If you plan to shop online, check out your favorite websites ahead of time to see if they have Black Friday deals.

You might be able to find out about special deals if you sign up for their newsletter sent to your email ahead of the big day. Once you have identified the best deals on the items you want to buy, update your list with the best store in which to buy each item, the discounted and the original price tag.

Becoming the Wise Buyer

One simple reminder: Stick to your desired list as much as possible.

Be sure to buy only the items on your list at the lowest price possible. Calculate how much money you can actually afford to spend on holiday gifts. Stores will try very hard to get you to buy things that are not on your list.

You may end up spending more of your hard-earned money than you planned which benefits the stores. Be upfront with loved ones about what you can afford and what you can’t. And avoid the temptations of buying most of what you see in stores.

Get Rewards while you shop

Did you know that you can get bonuses during a shopping spree? A cashback reward program is an incentive program operated by credit card companies where a percentage of the amount spent is paid back to the card holder.

Many credit card issuers, particularly those in the United Kingdom and United States, run programs to encourage use of the card where the card holder is given points, frequent flyer miles or a monetary amount.

This last benefit, a monetary amount, is usually known as cashback or cash back reward. Other ways to get rewards can be unused coupons if they are still in-date of course, or any other credit card incentives.

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