Red Wine Cocktail Recipes To Jumpstart Your Summer

Cocktail / Wednesday, March 20th, 2019

Summer is fast approaching and if you have a red wine bottle on your shelf, you still have a chance to enjoy it. Cocktails with red wine are truly beloved drinks for any season or occasion because it can refresh or warm you up. For summer or winter, mixed with the fresh delightful fruit or spirits, these recipes can make your day a fantastic one:

The Summer Berry Red Wine Spritzer is a cool, refreshing cocktail and a lot like the tinto de verano. Full of strawberries and blueberries, its perfect for times when you want to stay away from hard liquor and watch those calories while still enjoying a drink!

This Search & Rescue cocktail takes the New York Sour up a notch on the ABV spectrum by replacing red wine with ruby port, which is young and approachable by port standards. Cynar adds a bitter edge to the sour citrus and brings a vegetal depth to the whole equation, like a savory Cabernet on overdrive.

This crowd-pleasing recipe appeals to both red and white wine lovers alike. Make the Festive Sangria even more special, and save yourself some money, by preparing it using wines you have made yourself. Leave a few bottles of your homemade wine, with a fun, personalized label, on display beside the Festive Sangria so guests can appreciate your homemade touch.

Kalimotxo is red wine and Coca-Cola, an unexpected match made in boozy heaven. The bubbly soda adds hints of spice and cola, while a dry red pairs well with the heavier sweetness of the Coke. We can only describe this so much—you’ve simply got to try it.

Va-va-voom! Who said all Sours have to taste the same? This mighty glass (1870 sour) amps up the classic Whiskey Sour with a spoonful of blueberry jam and sweet maple syrup, finished with a float of inky, fruit-forward Zinfandel.

Red Wine Cooler is an interesting cocktail recipe. Best served with chicken tikka or paneer tikka, it is a popular recipe for evening parties.  It’s so simple to mix up a tasty wine cooler that’s friendly to your special diet, and nothing is better for warm summer evenings.

You only need a few ingredients to make these Cherry Red Wine Slushies that will cool you right off on a warm day!  This fun recipe will be a hit at your next party!

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