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Blog, Thanksgiving, Wine / Monday, November 21st, 2016

Whatever thoughts or memories you conjure up when thinking about Thanksgiving, one thing goes without saying, we are all thankful for wine. Now deciding what to serve on the big day can lead you in many directions, all of which are perfectly fine. Red, white, sparkling, the great thing about the third Thursday of November is that you really can’t go wrong.

Now before your friends and family are stuffed to capacity, here are some recommendations to bring you from apps to naps. How many you pick up, well my friend, that’s up to you. A bottle a person if you’re ambitious but, that’s a conversation for another day.


Pinot Noir
While it’s not a very revolutionary idea to pair a turkey focused meal with pinot noir, it’s one that makes sense and who are we to mess with a happy relationship? The elegant flavor profile, the bright acidity, a body that doesn’t overpower. Trust us when we say, your Thanksgiving guests will be quite satisfied with this choice of red.

Columbia Wine Co. Recommendation: CrossBarn Pinot Noir* – Fresh and juicy, red cherries, raspberries, with a coolness of rhubarb, black tea spice. Graceful polished tannins throughout the palate led to a long savory finish.

A refreshing and fruity choice that’s incredibly versatile and a great go-to for your Thanksgiving festivities. Like the pinot noir, beaujolais are light to medium bodied and easy on the tannins.

Columbia Wine Co. Recommendation: Jean-Marc Burgaud Beaujolais Les Vignes De Thulon – This wine is light, fruity and with only a slightly tannic character. Aromatic cherry flavors give freshness and bring out a jammy character.

The italian workhorse of a wine that really goes well with everything. Light in body with bright, fruit flavors, the barbera earns it’s reputation as the most food friendly wine.

Columbia Wine Co. Recommendation: E Pira & Figli Barbera D’Alba – In the bouquet it is intense and complete with scents of plum and blueberries. The palate is full with sensations of fleshy, fresh fruit and at the same time lively bright acidity.


Sauvignon Blanc
The crisp white with citrus-based flavors of a sauvignon blanc are delicious on their own. Bring in some turkey and mashed potatoes and your mouth will thank you.

Columbia Wine Co. Recommendation: Mauritson Sauvignon Blanc – Pink grapefruit mingled with flavors of white nectarine, passionfruit and lime zest.

When it comes to dry, sweet whites, rieslings have always been a Thanksgiving favorite. Pairing well with turkey, sweet potatoes and stuffing, you can’t go wrong with a few bottles.

Columbia Wine Co. Recommendation: Ravines Dry Riesling* – The bouquet of the wine is delicate with intricate aromas of white flowers mingled with pear, apple and citrus notes followed by a lingering mineral finish and a vibrant acidity.


*Wines featured in “The Challenge,” the Columbia Wine Co. wine tasting challenge running from November 20th, 2016 to March 20th, 2017

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