The Best Small Scale Wine Storage Ideas for the Cellar Minded Wine Lovers

Blog, Wine, Winery / Monday, September 12th, 2016

Before the “tiny house” trend invaded with nomads preaching their minimalist ways, there was New York City. Now we can all agree that the pros to living in the greatest city are endless, but then there’s the issue of storage. Shoeaholics have battled the closet situation of tiny apartments, or lack there of for decades and for us cellar minded wine lovers, it is no different. We dream of endless wine racks and the sweet scent of rich mahogany in a temperature controlled setting but, the reality is quite the contrast. While the number of bottles we store may be limited by the meager amount of square footage allotted to us by the New York real estate gods, here are some of the best options for storing wine in our small scale spaces to get us by.

Go Up – Wall Mounted Wine Racks

Is it art? Is it a sign of trust in our level eye and drill work? From the modern stylings of brushed nickel to a rustic refurbished milk crate, we all have some wall space that needs some liquid love.

Wall Mounted Racks by Bomus and Stact

Go Up (Higher) – Hanging Wine Racks

For many, the ceiling tends to be just that, a ceiling – maybe a horizontal wall, if you will. Light fixtures, sure. The occasional pot rack, why not? But let’s be honest, it goes wine > chandelier > fan.

Hanging Wine Rack by Wine Enthusiast Companies

Double Up – Dual Purpose Furniture

What’s better than a side table? A side table that doubles as a bar cart without taking up the extra space! DIYer’s can relish in the endless options to reinvent current furniture status quos. Old card catalogue? New wine rack. The Dewey Decimal system would be so proud.

Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces by HGTV

And for all the stealthy collectors out there, you can always resort to prying open those floor boards and hiding away that bordeaux that will only be opened for special guests like Oprah, Queen Elizabeth or a Robert Parker esque wine aficionado.

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