The Days After Thanksgiving

Blog, Thanksgiving / Wednesday, November 28th, 2018

Messy plates. Leftovers. Lipstick-tainted wine glasses. Stacks of dishes on the sink. Burnt oven. Ahh, yes. The aftermath of Thanksgiving. It was a fun-filled event the night before, but now, you are confronted with the reality after Thanksgiving. No, it’s not a pretty sight. However, you have got to move on. After washing the dishes, what do you do? What’s next for you after the celebration?

As usual, we always seem to have a solution for every problem (that involves wines and celebrations) that you may have. Here are 5 tips on what to do after your Thanksgiving celebration:

1. Clean your house, seriously!

Let’s face it. This is mandatory. You already knew this was coming. You house will not clean itself. Time to get that dusty broom and mop and put them to work. Yep, cleaning your house is a top priority after Thanksgiving. Do a general cleaning of your whole house. Don’t be sad. You’ll get through it. Clean first, be tired later.

2. Exercise, exercise, exercise…

It’s very easy to indulge on a lot of food (and wine) during Thanksgiving dinner, which is why you have got to burn those fats that you have accumulated during the occasion. Do some simple exercises at home, participate in a Fun Run or a Turkey Trot race. You need to be in shape afterwards and prepare for summer, or the next Thanksgiving.

3. Write Thank You Letters

Get some of those colorful, scented papers and write a not-so-lengthy letter to people who you are thankful for and the people who came to your party. Also, you can thank them for the daunting stack of dishes they left in the sink or the wine spill on your most favorite dinner table cover.

4. Christmas Decorations

After cleaning your home (refer to Number 1), you can start with your decorations for another season of festivities, Christmas. Put a Christmas tree inside, decorate your walls with your own designs, put the word “MERRY CHRISTMAS” somewhere people can easily notice, get some logs for your fireplace. As early as now, you are already feeling the Christmas spirit within you.

5. Drink Wine

Of course, nothing would be more satisfying than drinking wine after everything that happened during and after Thanksgiving. Time to drink all your tiredness away. Might we suggest a good bottle of Gigglepot By Molly Dooker, a Cabernet Sauvignon, to ease your stress away. Always drink moderately. We are serious about that. Yes we are.

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