The Perfect Thanksgiving Gifts This Year

Blog, Thanksgiving, Wine, Wine Pairings / Friday, November 17th, 2017

Thanksgiving is a special day where family and friends gather to reunite and celebrate the bounty of the harvest and how life has changed you and your relatives. You have a wonderful time to relax the evening while dining in to your favorite turkey dinner, best wine to pass the time and engaging in such meaningful conversations may it be happy, challenging, or just like last year.

It is a fact that no family or friends is perfect. All the happy times, sad times, bad times, sweet time including life-changing situations where can reminisce while sitting in that dining table. There’s nothing that can ease that tension than having the perfect gift this Thanksgiving season: Wine.

You might ask yourself, why wine? Think of it as a catalyst to get your relatives and friends to get together and thank the day that you ever existed on Earth. Here are some of the best wine gift you can give: 

  1. Pinot Noir is a great give as it is one of the most versatile wines. It matches most of Thanksgiving dishes from scrumptious roast turkey to your savory mashed potatoes.
  1. Champagne brands like Veuve Clicquot and Perrier Jouet won’t even cost you more than a hundred dollars yet these two well-known brands may be the best present for Thanksgiving that your friends or family.
  1. Rosé Sparklers with its wonderful sparkling taste and that delicious red fruit that it gives it complexity and that wonderful texture that will beg you to have more.
  1. Zinfadel can be another great option as the perfect Thanksgiving gift. Friendly and juicy, it will keep you going for quite a while. If your friends or family have setup a barbecue Thanksgiving night instead of the usual roast turkey dinner, this one’s the right gift.
  1. Viognier or “Vee own yay” which is quite a comedy word for James May of Top Gear UK and now The Grand Tour series during his adventure with Oz Clarke years ago (see: Oz and James’ Big Wine Adventure by the BBC). Viognier has a “balanced” taste with the delicious creamy taste sweetened further with honey, lime and orange best served moderately chilled for some may be your best bet for a wonderful Thanksgiving gift.
  1. Want elegance or simplicity? Try Chardonnay. Best when aged for many years, this wine can be a great gift especially if your family or friends will serve some seafood, pasta or veggies because chardonnay gives you that tropical citrussy taste.

And there you have it. There are a lot of wine selections to choose. Remember, as a humble and generous guest/family member, you are the one who will define your Thanksgiving dining experience. So, go out there and start giving.

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