Unique Ways On How To Spend Thanksgiving Day

Blog, Thanksgiving / Wednesday, November 21st, 2018

Thanksgiving Day which originated as a harvest Festival since 1789 is popularly celebrated in the United States. This is day of celebration of Americans for the harvest and blessings of the past year. It is also a time where families get a chance to be all together in one great dinner. Lots of food are served during this day like bread stuffing, cranberries, potatoes, pumpkin pie and of course the turkey!

Nevertheless, time comes that even though how much you would like to spend Thanksgiving Day with the family, it’s quite hard to get as much time off from work or school, or perhaps you stuck in one city while your family celebrates Thanksgiving in another place.

Don’t feel sad, for there are different ways you can celebrate Thanksgiving Day in ” Non-Traditional Ways”. The choice of things you can do is limitless.

1. Spend It with Orphans – Thanksgiving is a day of gratitude and to show how thankful you are for all the blessings you had in the past year, maybe it’s about time to give back. Visit little orphans, sing, play and eat with these little angels who had been abandoned and neglected.

2. Be Adventurous – Would like to spend time alone and thank the heavens for what a great year you had? Why not try something new, face your fears, so head off to the mountains for a trek. A perfect time to find yourself again, recenter and have a better version of yourself when you get back.

3. Read Books – If you are the type of person that likes spending holidays at home and into books. Thanksgiving Day is just a right time where you can grab a cup of your favorite coffee and read books that finds your interest.

4. Movie Marathon – Who doesn’t love to be home and indulge oneself eating french-fries, ice-cream and popcorn while enjoying an array of movies from horror, drama, suspense rand romance or whatever you like!

5. Create Your Own Feast with A DRY RIESLING WINE – Thanksgiving Day celebration need not be extravagant all the time. Yes, we all know Thanksgiving meal traditionally involves turkey, but it doesn’t have to. Invite friends for a potluck, have everyone bring something to share and grab a bottle of a Dry Riesling Wine. How can one forget this wine which everybody’s is favorite? Popularly known the best white wine ever for Thanksgiving.

Well, honestly, for Thanksgiving Day, there are so many things you can and wines that you can choose from, but of course there will always be that will stand out. So, to let you enjoy more your celebration for Thanksgiving, we are inviting you to add your email addresses in our website to get a discount code.

Make every memory special with all your fave wines. Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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