You don’t need much instruction to learn how to be good at wine tasting. However, when it comes to truly appreciating the practice, it can seem like a whole load of mystery. Fortunately, New York offers you a wide variety of educational centers, festivals and wine shops to help you learn how to appreciate the various kinds of wines as well as their makers.

Though our sense of smell can discern several scents, the sense of taste is limited to only sweet, bitter, salty and sour. Thus, to differentiate between various wines, a blend of smell and taste needs be employed to differentiate various wine flavors. Tasting wine basically starts with looking, smelling and tasting it before moving on to using more sophisticated methods, which you will master within a short time. There are a host of wine tasting opportunities in NYC from which you will definitely find one that suits you perfectly. Some of them are.


Once in a while, New York hosts a wide array of wine-tasting festivals. Wine tasting in NYC is not a new fad but rather an old tradition that gets better with time. The festivals continue to enhance the practice, raising it to new levels.

Wine Clubs

A number of joints offer opportunities for formation of wine tasting clubs. This takes wine tasting in NYC into a whole new level. Members of such clubs enjoy added benefits such as discounts and free deliveries of their preferred wines to their doorsteps.

Wine Tours

Wine tasting in NYC can never be complete without taking a tour of one of the wineries around. Understanding the steps that your wine goes through before it is poured into your glass is very important. Make a reservation to take one of the tours; you will end up appreciating the people and process involved in its production more.

Knowing to taste your wine is one thing. But getting a deeper understanding of the process involved in its manufacture is recommended. There are many ways to enjoy that glass of wine, more than you can imagine, so get outside and explore.